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The Dallas, Houston, and Austin Criminal Defense law firm of Wannamaker & Associates is a boutique criminal defense firm that specializes in the representation of individuals and corporations accused of committing acts in violation of federal and state laws. At the firm, we are dedicated to protecting and defending our clients’ rights.

D. H. Wannamaker, a board certified criminal law specialist, has 24 years of criminal trial experience with proven results. Our trial experience ranges from complex fraud and major drug cases in federal court to murder in state court. In every case we have but one goal: To provide the very best defense and representation.

Significant Results

Federal Securities Fraud
No charges filed
Agreement with the SEC

Federal Bank Fraud Trial

Complex and Voluminous Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Trial
Not Guilty

Suspected Pakistani Terrorist
No charges filed by Federal Government

Possession with intent to Distribute Cocaine

Federal Theft of U.S. Mail Trial
Not Guilty

Federal Delivery of 3lbs. of Methamphetamine

Federal "Armed Career Offender" Felon in Possession of Weapon Trial
Not Guilty

Impersonating a Federal Agent Trial
Not Guilty

Federal HUD Fraud Trial
Not Guilty

Federal Importation of Drugs Trial

Delivery of Cocaine Trial
Hung jury mistrial, dismissed

Federal "Armed Career Offender" Felon in Possession of weapon Trial

Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Trial
Not guilty

1992 GOP Convention Maoist Protesters

DWI Trial
Not Guilty with 9 Minute Verdict

Federal Extradition of German Finance Minister
Agreed Terms of Removal

"Bay Minette Rapist" Federal Weapons Trial
Not Guilty on 4 counts
Conviction to 2 lesser counts

Federal RICO case: Murder/Distribution of Drugs by Syndicate
Guideline Range of 30 years to life, Received 14 years

Manufacturing Marijuana
Felony reduced to Misdemeanor Deferred Adjudication

Felony Theft

10 DWI offenses (recent)

Manufacturing Marijuana

Federal Tax Fraud Trial/Appeal
Partial Reversal with Acquittals Remand for New Sentence

Federal Bank Robbery Appeal
Reversed twice by published opinion

Federal Manufacture of Marijuana

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