White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime

First coined by sociologist Edwin Southerland in 1939, it was defined as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of their occupation". Today, it typically refers to crimes such as fraud, money laundering, theft, forgery, cybercrime, RICO, embezzlement, intellectual property theft, identity and theft. Although both state and federal laws address these violations, it is most often associated with crimes committed in violation of federal statutes.

When facing investigation or prosecution for a ‘white collar’ crime, it is important to retain the services of an attorney with experience and knowledge in white collar crime. At Wannamaker & Associates, we have just that experience. Over the course of Mr. Wannamaker’s career, he has represented individuals as well as corporations charged with ‘white collar crimes’. We have successfully tried many white collar cases and have won most of those trials. We have listed those cases in our Trial Success page.

In cases that did not go to trial, we were able to achieve phenomenal results. In many cases, we avoided prosecution all together. In one instance, we represented a person facing security fraud charges for stock manipulation and were able to negotiate a civil penalty rather than a criminal prosecution. Recently, we represented a businessman facing bank and tax fraud charges but were successful in negotiating a civil tax penalty.

There are many attorneys claiming to be 'white collar' specialist. At Wannamaker & Associate, we are specialists and have the track record to prove it!

Presidential Pardon

Daniel Wannamaker has successfully represented high profie clients and has more trial and appellate experience than most other attorneys. He has obtained a rare Presidential Pardon from President Obama for a client who was formerly with the U.S. State Department.


NOT GUILTY in bank and mail fraud

United States v. Johnson

A jury trial of a man charged with theft of mail and bank fraud ending when the judge granted a motion for judgment of acquittal by the defense at the close of the government’s case.

Ultra Responsive, Did everything he said he would do

Dan was very responsive from my first phone call all the way through the case, and then after the case was settled. He walked me through the entire process, was never late for a hearing, and did more than I think any other attorney in the price range would have. Dan is reasonably priced. Not cheap, but when it comes to a quality defense, cheap isn't what you should be looking for.

- Anonymous

Best lawyer I ever had

Dan was my attorney for a Federal 200 lb marijuana case. I’m a third time offender and was worried about being labeled a career offender which carries 12 yrs. He argued my case down to 4 yrs and I didn't have to do anything except trust him. I highly recommend him to anyone that is praying for a miracle.

- MT

I would trust Daniel Wannamker with my life!!!!

Dan Wannamaker was the best attorney I could ask for. My husband was facing a life sentence on a serious crime. A RICCO case to be specific. I remember feeling hopeless, and afraid of what I did not know could, or would happen. Daniel Wannamaker did an OUTSTANDING job with his defense. Although my husbands case seemed hopeless, he was able to receive a much reduced sentence.

- Maria H.

Great attorney, Hyper responsive

Dan worked with me on my case for just over 12 months, but then after the outcome he was still available for emails and phone calls when I had questions. And I knew he was working some high profile cases at the time so I could easily have felt brushed aside.

- Russel S.

I would hands down recommend Dan Wannamaker to anyone who needs his expertise.

Many years ago Dan represented me on a really old federal issue and I must say Dan is absolutely one of the best attorneys. He is persistent, genuine, hard working, and is undoubtedly one of the best not only in Texas, but I would argue in the country.

- Michael S.

I would DEFINITELY use him again

He kept us totally informed about everything. He did an excellent job in her defense and was reasonably priced. I would DEFINITELY use him again if I needed someone. Couldn't ask for a kinder person who could also do exactly what he needed to do in the court room.

- Jamie H.

Mr. Wannamaker is a VERY wonderful attorney!

He defended my son on charges that carried a life sentence, but he fought tooth and nail and got him less than 20 years. Mr. Wannamaker held my hand and walked me through this entire process by always answering my questions of concern and showing me that he genuinely cared about my son. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a defense attorney!

- C.B.

I highly recommend Dan as your prospective attorney.

He has an Incredible wealth of experience and will be your greatest asset when dealing with the courts. He has proven to be very well organized, prudent, and communicative. I've kept in touch with him for years and would rely on him without hesitation should the need arise.

- Rain S.

He has great knowledge of the court system

Mr. Wannamaker was great at communicating with me as to what was going on with my case. He has great knowledge of the court system giving me the best advice and options with my case.

- Anonymous

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