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Robbery is taking something of value from a person by threat, force, or violence. Robbery can be a very difficult case to defend.

Burglary is the illegal entry of a house or building with intent to commit a felony. There is a vast difference between a wrongful entry and a burglary.

Only through diligent and thorough preparation of the case can a person’s interest best be served. Austin burglary, robbery attorneys, thoroughly investigate the facts and evidence. By getting a full understanding of the charges, we can achieve the best results. We have tried a number of robbery and burglary cases, including federal bank robbery, with favorable outcomes. If guilt is not in doubt, we have succeeded in negotiating with the government minimal sentences. The presentation of the client’s case is critical to the outcome. See our Notable Cases.

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If you or a family member are charged with robbery or burglary, or are under investigation, contact Wannamaker & Associates immediately to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal options. Wannamaker & Associates serve the Dallas, Houston and Austin areas.  Our initial consultation is free because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to make educated and informed decisions when deciding on legal representation

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