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Jun 27, 2008

Criminal defense lawyer offers services to individuals and companies seeking representation in the arena of tax fraud or tax evasion, whether local or national.

April 15th has long been a date dreaded by Americans, although the reasons have shifted somewhat in recent history. Since the first tax dollar bought the first item, Americans have a longstanding tradition of hating taxes, a necessary evil for any society. Although we certainly may—and do—disagree over how much of our income should find its way to government coffers, in their calmer moments most Americans recognize the necessity of at least some taxation—which is why most of us, most of the time, pay our taxes willingly.

However, as the US government continues its sprawling bureaucratic growth, many Americans fear April 15th not for the time and money it will cost them, but for the possibility that it won’t be the end of their tax season, potentially requiring them to hire a tax fraud attorney to fight charges. Some polls (admittedly, very informal ones) indicate that some Americans fear an IRS audit more than death.

Thankfully, most taxpayers won’t have a reason to hire a tax attorney. For the 2005 tax year, less than 1% of all individual returns were chosen for audit, with a large number of those problems stemming from complications with the Earned Income Tax Credit. In general, though, Americans making more money are more likely to require an audit. And businessmen should get ready to call a tax attorney: corporations showing more than $1 million on their balance sheets are two to three times as likely to be audited as individuals, and the largest corporations ($250 million or more) are audited at a rate of one in three companies.

Tax law is complex—more complex than it needs to be. It can be very foolish to navigate a tax investigation, whether private or corporate, without the assistance of an attorney qualified to offer counsel in tax cases.

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