Individuals Pay For National Crimes

Sep 22, 2008

With $39 billion lost annually to healthcare fraud, we should hear about the problem constantly. Yet there are relatively few investigations and prosecutions each year. What does this mean for your defense?

Daniel H. Wannamaker, an accomplished and experienced Texas defense attorney, offers services to individuals and companies seeking representation in the arena of healthcare fraud, whether local or national.

The government estimates over $39 million in annual losses to healthcare fraud—and yet chooses to do very little about it. Rather than attempting systemic change to a flawed, redundant, and easily manipulated bureaucracy, the government chooses instead to focus on isolated, high-profile events—making healthcare provision and billing a high-risk venture.

As Americans continue to add to the $1.3 trillion spent annually on healthcare in our country, the motivation for investigators and prosecutors to stanch the flow of unethically billed medical procedure becomes an increasing area of concern—and yet, from 2005 to 2007, fewer than 500 individuals were investigated, forced to bear the brunt of a national problem which they could not possibly be individually responsible.

Federal and state regulations regarding healthcare fraud are complex—more complex than they need to be. This means that healthcare fraud investigations are also complicated ventures—leading investigators and prosecutors to cut corners by focusing on a select few high-profile investigations, rather than attacking the problem at the source, from the ground up.

If you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of defending yourself against allegations of healthcare fraud, contact a qualified defense attorney immediately to discuss your case. Wannamaker & Associates is a very selective firm, taking the time to discuss cases honestly and up front. If you’ve been charged with healthcare fraud, you’ll appreciate the candor with which Daniel H. Wannamaker and his staff will discuss your case, asking difficult questions and providing an honest assessment of your situation before you’re financially obligated to the firm.

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