Complications of Criminal Defense

Sep 30, 2008

That old saying everyone is entitled to their day in court means even guilty people have the right to a fair hearing.

Criminal defense attorneys have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, defending a criminal who happens to be guilty. This isn’t to say the lawyer thinks the client is guilty when they first meet, or even assumes they are guilty. In most instances, the offender will own up and ask for help beating the charges.

If the charged offender is guilty then it falls to the Houston criminal defense lawyer to make the best defense possible based on what they may be able to garner from the facts. The evidence is so critical in cases such as this.

Clients who get in the way and hide things from their attorneys aren’t doing anyone any favors, and this may backfire later when your attorney is trying to make a motion on your behalf. Don’t ambush your Austin criminal defense attorney, or they won’t be able to assist you in getting a reasonable outcome to your case.

The whole process starts when you first meet your Houston criminal defense lawyer. S/he gathers facts and advises you on a plea to enter. Once the plea is entered, you have ample time to discuss how the case will be handled further down the road. It’s at this point when your lawyer gets to see the so-called evidence against you.

During a trial both sides present witnesses, some experts, some personal character references and anyone else relevant to your defense. Cross-examination is a big part of the process and takes place once the prosecution is done with the witnesses, and vice versa. It’s a bit like a tennis match, but the consequences are more serious.

At any point during a trial or even before one begins, you have the option to settle out of court. Any and all offers to settle must be discussed with your lawyer and the lawyer for the prosecution. This is often the turning point of a case, so be sure you are aware of all your options and are prepared to live with the end results.

If you don’t settle, you ride out the jury decision-making process. Any decisions made may be appealed. Discuss this with your Dallas criminal defense attorney as well. While criminal defense isn’t the easiest job on the planet, it’s critical in the great scheme of justice for everyone.