If You’re Charged With Robbery Call Me

Dec 29, 2008

“Being charged with robbery is likely one of the most difficult crimes to handle through the criminal justice system,” said Daniel Wannamaker, of Wannamaker & Associates in Houston. “This usually has to do with the type of robbery charge you may be facing.”

In any circumstance where a person is charged with robbery it is best to immediately contact a board certified criminal defense attorney. “It’s like this,” outlined Wannamaker,” if you’re facing robbery charges in reality or even think you are about to be charged with that offense, call me. Do NOT say anything to anyone. The only person who needs to hear your whole story is me.”

While it’s human nature to try and clear things up by explaining what happened, in circumstances like this when dealing with the police or others involved in the criminal justice system, the best and only course of action is to shut up – period.

No matter what is said it will be taken down and will be used against you later during the course of criminal proceedings. “If I know what you are charged with before it gets too far, I might be able to mitigate any penalties you may face, or get the charges dismissed,” explained Wannamaker.

Wannamaker & Associates has an outstanding record of case dismissals due to their in depth knowledge of the law and their razor sharp perception of the facts of cases presented to them. “We have had a great deal of success getting robbery charges dismissed, so make sure that first call is to my office. We’ll handle things from there,” stated Wannamaker.