Importing Drugs – A Conspiracy

Jan 25, 2009

“If you’ve been charged with conspiracy to import drugs or think you might be charged with this, don’t wait to call me,” said Daniel Wannamaker of Wannamaker and Associates in Austin, Texas. “Time is of the essence here and we don’t want to waste any of it.”

While conspiracy charges are not that easy to defend, knowing all the details of the situation will make an enormous difference in how the defense is put together. “Typically a conspiracy charge means that two or more people are involved in the charge, so I need to know this as well, and how they fit into the picture,” added Wannamaker.

The other thing about conspiracy charges is that the conspiracy part means two or more people have planned to commit a crime, either for that crime itself, or as a means to another end or outcome. “Defending a case like this is time consuming and can be frustrating for everyone involved, but the bottom line is that a good defense may mean the case is dismissed or the penalties greatly reduced,” explained Wannamaker.

Just because someone is charged with conspiracy to import drugs doesn’t mean they are guilty. This is one of the founding tenets of the American Constitution, that everyone charged with an offense is considered to be innocent until proven guilty. “My job is to provide that critical defense for you if you are facing this kind of situation,” stated Wannamaker. “So don’t wait to call me, and don’t speak to anyone BUT me when we talk.”

“My passion is criminal defense and you deal exclusively with me when you ask me to defend you,” added Wannamaker. Without a doubt, Wannamaker has a very distinguished record for criminal defense and takes his job seriously.