Toking Can Get You Into a Mess

Feb 24, 2009

While having a few tokes now and then and maybe growing a bit of weed in the garden amongst the tomatoes is “cool man,” be aware this may dog you for the rest of your life.

“Drug offenses, even small ones, have a habit of hanging around for years, if not permanently,” said Daniel H. Wannamaker of Wannamaker Law in Austin, Texas. “I see this kind of thing happening all the time, a simple possession charge spiraling out of control,” added Wannamaker.

Wannamaker has an extensive record as a board certified criminal defense lawyer and handles a lot of drug offenses. “Don’t assume that just because it is a “dinky” amount of weed or whatever drug you’ve been busted for, that the consequences aren’t worth getting excited about,” explained Wannamaker. Wannamaker’s role in defending drug offenses is to mitigate the charges, get them thrown out, mitigate the penalties, or get the case thrown out of court.

“Employers, are less tolerant these days of others who have a criminal record, even a minor one,” indicated Wannamaker. “If you think this is a bit far fetched, employers avoiding those with criminal backgrounds, then ask this question – if it’s not a big deal, then why are more and more employers running background checks on potential new employees?” he said.

They cannot risk hiring someone who has a record to represent their company. “This kind of a situation is negligent hiring and it can have serious consequences later,” added Wannamaker.

Quality and top-notch is what you need to look for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Both these words are more than applicable to Wannamaker.