Know What Makes a Good Criminal Attorney

Mar 22, 2009

Knowing what to look for in a competent criminal defense lawyer may come in handy in case something goes drastically wrong. Life has a way of throwing curves when they are least expected.

No one really wants to be in a situation where they need a good criminal lawyer, but there are times when things appear to be inevitable and take on a life of their own. Knowing what attributes a first class criminal defense attorney should have is crucial in instances like this.

“A top notch criminal lawyer doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. They are in the long haul to win. It’s as simple as that,” stated Daniel H. Wannamaker of Wannamaker and Associates, an Austin, Texas, law firm with offices in Houston and Dallas. The lawyer will dig into everything they can lay their hands on; review files until they are dog-eared; and hunt for new information no one else has been able to find. If the criminal defense attorney gets any sleep during a criminal case, it would be mostly of the catnap variety.

First-rate criminal attorneys have a well-known reputation in their community and are well-respected for their accomplishments. Virtually everyone will know their name and what they are capable of doing. “In other words, a good board certified criminal defense attorney’s reputation for winning will precede them,” according to Wannamaker.

Along with a reputation for being a tenacious bulldog, the top criminal defense attorney in the community will have the experience to back them up. This occupation isn’t for sissies and many outstanding criminal lawyers have spent thousands of hours in the trenches, racking up case victories.

It’s those thousands of hours that will benefit a person charged with a criminal offense. “In some instances, it helps if the lawyer has experience in the particular area where a criminal charge has been laid, but it isn’t always essential,” outlined Wannamaker. The point is that no matter what the charges are, if the lawyer has a solid background defending people in criminal cases, this is the person to call when a criminal charge has been laid, or is about to be laid.

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